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Bryggan Ensemble


Bryggan Ensemble is a dynamic group of young performers and researchers dedicated to making chamber music, including but not limited to the 17th and 18th century. With a unique instrumentation of recorders, dulcian, baroque bassoon, theorbo and harpsichord, and offering also a broader repertoire on their parallel classical, romantic and modern instruments like bassoon, guitar, pianoforte, flute and clarinet, Bryggan (meaning bridge in Swedish) brings a fresh sound and a new perspective to the early and not to early music tradition, infused with the musical influences that reflect the diverse backgrounds of its members.

The four musicians met during the production of the Baroque Opera-Ballet pour Louis XIV et Charles XII. “Solen och Nordstjärnan” in the Vadstena Academy in Sweden. They frequently played chamber music and regularly came together to historically improvise on different ground basses. From this grew the idea to continue playing as a baroque ensemble, which main focus lies in the improvisatory aspect of early music.


On October 2018 in Italy,  Bryggan Ensemble was awarded the only winner's main prize in the Selìfa International Chamber Music Competition, and in addition, Bryggan's bassoonist, Mariana Parás Peña was awarded with the Best Instrumentalist 2018 Prize.


From there they have been invited to play concerts and give seminars at festivals of ancient music in countries such as Armenia, Italy, Spain, Mexico and Germany.

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