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Alessandro de Carolis – Flute and recorders


Alessandro de Carolis from Caserta, Italy, is a not only a talented professional flautist, but also is skilled in numerous other instruments. He has concentrated his recorder studies in the field of early music under the tutelage of  Maria de Martini. He has further honed his skills under Goffredo Degli Esposti, Han Tol, Pedro Memelsdorff, Federico Maria Sardelli and, in particular, with Dan Laurin, following the Swedish flutist in master classes in Italy and abroad. As a flautist he has studied under Giampiero Pannone. He also has a strong interest in jazz and improvisation, popular music especially from Southern Italy and traditional Irish Music which he learned from Enzo Nini.

He is a founder of the trio “Ai vis lo Lop, the Rainard, the Levre” with Alberto Maron and Francesco di Giorgio. In 2017, they won an award from the ILMA association, that gave them a recording contract, that gives the trio the opportunity to establish itself as a stable ensemble “Concentus Concordiae”.

He has collaborated with many artists in different musical fields, playing in concerts, theatrical performances and recordings with Angelo Branduardi, Giovannangelo De Gennaro and an ensemble of ancient music,

Stefano Bollani, Daniele Sepe, Gianni Lamagna, Opc ft Eugenio Bennato and Giovanni Mauriello, Michele Simonelli and Paolo Raffone, Peppe Frana, Blue Stuff, Jazz Quarters, Luca Rossi, Ars Nova, Ar Meitheal, performing at an intense level of concert activity in theaters, festivals and music festivals in Italy and abroad.

Alessandro played with the Baroque orchestra of the Vadstena Academy, Sweden, under the direction of Dan Laurin. He collaborates with the vocal quartet “Ring Around” and in numerous projects and ensembles of ancient music. He plays in the ensemble of Peppe Barra, accompanying the singer and Neapolitan actor in theatrical performances (Christmas, Dream of an enchanted night, La Cantata dei Pastori) and concert tours.

He has taught flute at the summer courses of ancient music in Città di Castello and has held seminars on the introduction of Irish music at the Nicola Sala conservatory in Benevento and the Federico II University of Naples. Since 2014 he has taught flute, transverse flute and ensemble music in the project "Music and Society" with the association Alessandro Scarlatti of Naples, aimed towards elementary and middle school students. Since 2016 he teaches recorder in the "Scuola viva" meetings organized at the E. Montale primary school in Scampia (Na) and since 2017 he is a member of the teaching staff of the project "Music in sacred places" promoted by Scabec, as a flute teacher in the district of Capodimonte.

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